Oncology Value Profile™

Enhance network performance with a proven method to identify and measure value in oncology care

Oncology Value ProfileORN uses a proven method to identify and measure value in an oncology network– the ORN Oncology Value Profile. 
Built on a foundation of evidence-based medicine and patient-centered care, we use ten metrics to take the pulse of the practices in your network.

Key Performance Indicators

Oncology Resource Networks performed the original market research to establish ten key performance indicators for oncology practice performance. CMS  validated our research as evidenced by their eight OCM Quality Measures which align 100% with our ten-point Oncology Value Profile.

ORN uses a proprietary weighting formula to to take the pulse of your network, discover productivity opportunities, and target interventions among the practices in your network.

The ORN Oncology Value Profile produces a single score to track performance for each practice. The individual results are rolled into a network score.

 The ORN Oncology Value Profile™
1.Coordination of Care
2.Compliance with Evidence Based Guidelines
3.Consideration of Treatment Cost (Pathways)
4.Generic Prescribing Rate
5.Emergency Department Admissions
6.Inpatient Admissions/ Readmissions
7.Completion of Advanced Directives
8.End-of-Life Management
9.Patient Satisfaction
10.Total Cost of Oncology Care

Track Network Performance and Improvement

The ten metrics of the Oncology Value Profile are derived from clinical data, benchmarking surveys, and a detailed analysis of the clinical operations among practices in your network. We convert these results into a Composite Performance Scores to help you track performance and identify best practices and areas for improvement:







Achieve Measurable Results

In a recent case study, ORN improved an oncology practice’s performance by 91 percent in 90 days, representing $23,000 per million members per month, or a savings potential of $3.5M across a network of providers serving 50K Medicare Advantage and Commercial lives.

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