New white paper shares findings from the application of a practice transformation model within a community oncology practice

MELBOURNE, Fla., June 18, 2015 — Oncology Resource Networks, an oncology management services company, and national thought-leader on value-based cancer care, has published a white paper reporting findings and observations from its oncology practice transformation project. The project was conducted in partnership with OMNI Healthcare, a multi-specialty clinic in central Florida. The paper, “An Oncology Center of Excellence Model for Payers”, describes in detail how Oncology Resource Networks implemented their oncology practice transformation model for OMNI Healthcare, and significantly improved the oncology practice’s performance scores within the first 90 days.

The model, and results outlined in the white paper, hold tremendous promise to payers, providers, and patients of cancer in the United States, where according to the 2013 Institute of Medicine Report “Delivering High-Quality Cancer Care: Charting a New Course for a System in Crisis”, the cost of cancer care continues to rise with no demonstrated improvement in quality or value of patient care.

Oncology Resource Networks conducted market research to develop a definition of value in cancer care.  The following 10 metrics were universally accepted by both payers and providers, and serve as the foundation for ORN’s practice transformation model applied in this study: Advanced Imaging Utilization; Compliance with Evidence-based Guidelines; Compliance with Clinical Pathways; Generic Prescribing Rate; Emergency Room Utilization; Inpatient admissions and length of stay; Patient Satisfaction; Completion of Advanced Directives; End-of-life Management; Total Cost of Cancer Care.

The demonstration project began in November 2014 within the OMNI Healthcare oncology practice. At the onset, Oncology Resource Networks conducted a practice assessment and determined a baseline practice performance score against the 10 metrics noted above. This was immediately followed by Oncology Resource Network’s implementation of a series of recommendations, then ongoing provider performance monitoring on the results of the interventions.

The results were impressive – with the practice transformation implementation improving the practice’s performance score by 91% within a short 90 days. OMNI Healthcare’s strong results were driven primarily by improvements in patient satisfaction and compliance with evidence-based guidelines. “Oncology Resource Networks has helped tremendously in our efforts to provide evidence-based, cost-effective treatment regimens to patients.  They have also helped in ways of improving patient care and the ability to provide up to date and cutting edge initial treatment and follow-up to treatment.” said Rob Crosby, R.N., OMNI Healthcare.

The monetized value of the improvements in OMNI’s score has been estimated at $23,000 per million members per month, which on a population of 50,000 health plan members translates to $3.5 million in savings to the broader healthcare system.

“In a healthcare reform environment where there is a large-scale shift from volume to value, payers and providers are looking for ways to evaluate quality and manage the cost of cancer care,” said Oncology Resource Network’s Chief Operating Officer, Kelly Blair.  “By applying basic principles of performance improvement, we were able to transform a traditional oncology practice into one ready to succeed in a value-based model that can be scaled to a payer Center of Excellence model that delivers high quality care at the lowest cost.  Everybody wins – most importantly the cancer patient.”

About Oncology Resource Networks:  Oncology Resource Networks, LLC is an oncology management services company and a national thought leader in value-based cancer care.  They stand at the intersection between payers, providers, and patients to find common ground in evidence-based medicine, patient-centered care, and aligned financial incentives.  For the past five years, Oncology Resource Networks has offered innovative and transformative models of cancer care delivery to the national healthcare marketplace. Learn more at

About OMNI Healthcare: OMNI Healthcare is a multi-specialty physician group practice in central Florida. This physician managed organization provides high-quality medical care to the citizens of the Space Coast and surrounding areas. The physicians in OMNI Healthcare are committed to the highest standards of quality and comprehensive healthcare. OMNI Healthcare includes physicians in the primary care specialties of internal medicine, family practice and pediatrics with physician specializing in various subspecialties of internal medicine surgery.

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