Next Generation Oncology Management

We're building a bridge to connect payers and providers

next-generation oncology managmentOncology Resource Networks bridges the gap between payers and providers by helping both enter the brave new world of value-based care.  

ORN is leading the transformation of cancer care. With experts on both the business and clinical sides of oncology, we offer unmatched analytic capabilities, value-based reimbursement models, and an operating platform that drives performance.

A New Business Model: Adding a new twist to an outdated business model will not create the transformative change needed to succeed in a value-based world. ORN goes beyond the familiar options, to take oncology networks to a new level of performance.

Building the Bridge: ORN is the only oncology management company that builds a bridge between payer and provider. We do this by aligning the economic incentives for both groups and rewarding performance.

How do we do it? As a performance-based specialty network company, we do the heavy lifting needed to succeed in a value-based world. We manage the complexity, share the risk, and drive enhanced performance.

Moving Beyond Center of Excellence: Similar to a Center of Excellence model, we measure and monitor performance of each provider.  Unlike traditional COE models that narrow the network to those who are already performing, ORN works directly with underperforming providers to diagnose the barriers and raise the bar of performance across the broader network.  This maintains the broad access patients require to the providers in their community, while achieving the quality and affordability goals of a managed network model.

Achieve Measurable Results

In a recent case study, ORN improved an oncology practice’s performance by 91 percent in 90 days, representing $23,000 per million members per month, or a savings potential of $3.5M across a network of providers serving 50K Medicare Advantage and Commercial lives.

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