CMS Oncology Care Model Program

We do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on caring for your patients.

Achieve the improvements and savings the CMS Oncology Care Model was designed to deliver.The new CMS payment and delivery model offers an opportunity to lower costs and improve quality and outcomes as part of the industry’s movement to value-based care. Meeting OCM’s measurement and reporting requirements can add a complex burden beyond what your practice can handle.

We’re Your OCM partner

Oncology Resource Networks (ORN) offers specialized expertise to manage your OCM participation so that you can receive the benefits without distraction from patient care.

Enhance Performance with the ORN Oncology Value Profile™

ORN uses a proven method to identify and measure value in oncology care – the ORN Oncology Value Profile. Built on a foundation of evidence-based medicine and patient-centered care, we use ten metrics for this performance snapshot of your practice.

Track Your Performance and Improvement

The ten metrics of your Oncology Value Profile are derived from clinical data, benchmarking surveys, and a detailed analysis of your clinical operations. We convert these results into a single score to help you track performance and identify best practices and areas for improvement:

OCM value profile





The ORN Practice Transformation Toolkit improves the effectiveness of your practice so that you can succeed in a value-based payment environment. Our Toolkit includes:

Claims Analytics – Detailed analysis of CMS raw claims data to understand your baseline and identify opportunities.

The Oncology Value Profile – Monthly scorecards measure your progress, and establish the numeric performance measurement for your practice as well as how you’re performing against similar practices.

Monitoring and Optimization – We implement programs that improve your operational and clinical performance.

Revenue Analysis – We analyze the program’s impact and develop strategies to avoid compromising your revenue during the initial transition period.

Best Practices – You will be able to share best practices with other participating providers. We can support you in discovering how your practice measures up so that you can leverage your strengths to build your practice’s marketing presence.

CMS Link – Oncology Resource Networks will serves as your link to CMS program news, deadlines, updated requirements and developments.


Improving patient care

“ORN has helped tremendously in our efforts to provide evidence-based, cost-effective treatment regimens to patients.

“ORN has also helped in ways of improving patient care and the ability to provide up-to-date and cutting-edge treatment and follow-up treatment.”

Rob Crosby, RN

Achieve the improvements and savings the CMS Oncology Care Model was designed to deliver.

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