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Delivering more value in cancer care

Oncology - value based modelOncology Resource Networks (ORN) is dedicated to the delivery of value-based cancer care. In today’s evolving healthcare landscape, we bridge the gap between payers and providers to build common ground in evidence-based medicine, patient centered care and affordability.

Our Core Offering

Our core offering is a value-based provider network. We create the kind of networks payers and patients want: high quality, comprehensive, evidence-based, patient-centered, accessible and affordable.

Our Approach

Our network operating model is based on a ‘continuous improvement’ approach, beginning with baseline measurement against ten key performance indicators. The three pillars of our network business model are:

  1. Evidence-based medicine
  2. Patient-centered care and
  3. Aligned financial incentives.

By adopting the ORN model, providers, payers and patients can expect more value in cancer care.

How we work with Providers

We support providers in their transition from a volume-based to a value-based practice through custom-tailored programs that improve quality and efficiency. We provide access to online clinical decision support tools and to a larger network with a clinical advisory board, advanced analytics, and dedicated provider service team, in order to gain leverage and expertise of the ORN team in contracting discussions/negotiations with payers.

How we work with Payers

We support payers on managing the transition to value-based contracting models. We work with a payer’s existing network to optimize oncology care without resorting to ‘narrowing networks.’ We provide the network intelligence needed to guide members to high-value oncologists. We also set up the infrastructure needed to manage the new financial models that come with a value-based model.

Bottom Line

ORN gives our network providers the tools to transform the experience of cancer care. We clarify the path to performance in a value-based delivery model, and offer concierge service and implementation support to our clients.



Oncology Resource Networks

We develop and implement programs that improve practice performance and can support your success in OCM’s value-based payment model.

By adopting the ORN model, providers, payers and patients can expect more value in cancer care.

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